The World Press

The World Press Virtual Desktop project is our latest range of web 2.0 AJAX based application
  • Project Title: The World Press
  • Website:
  • Date: 2014-11-22
  • Location: Moscow, Russia
  • Client: The World Press allows you to start your very own personal start page service just like MyYahoo and iGoogle. Many major portals and search engines such as Yahoo, Google, NetScape and MSN has its own online desktop service making this enterprise solution a MUST HAVE if you are operating your own portal or community sites.
If you are looking for a value-added solution for your members, look no further as our virtual desktop project is the PERFECT and FREE solution for forwarding your clients and in return you will receive more traffic and web visitors to your websites. theworldpress is a lifetime free personalized desktop page.
Create a free account in 5 seconds, Add news, photos, weather, and other stuff from across the web to your page and do a lot more. Then you can open it from any computer all over the world with all your personalized stuff!

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